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RIEH Benin, a very active group : meeting in Cotonou

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The RIEH group in Benin has a meeting on 11 April 2018 in Cotonou. He has chosen eleven actions for 2018 to be carried out by the various members and on which they will exchange and support each other.


These actions can be grouped around four thematics : 

Agro-ecology and the  Protection of nature

Sensibilization of Boukombé producers on agro-ecology and food security

- Promotion of medicinal agro-ecological farms in Benin

Social entrepreneurship of young people

Education for peace in Benin through the promotion of social entrepreneurship of young people


- Training of local elected representatives and business promoters of the BORGOU department on Entrepreneurship in the Republic of BENIN.

Promotion of girls and women: their health, their release and their economic empowerment

Combating occult practices against women, female slavery and silent violence on gender


- Promotion of women's dignity in Muslim communities in Benin (by the Muslim community of BÉNIN)


- Diploma training for Women in the media


- Heart-to-heart with young girls and boys in school and female parents in the so-AVA community for their empowerment

- Well-nourished women and mothers, key to sustainable human development

Development of Eco-tourism

- Traditional Community Griots Training project


Promotion of ecotourism  and creation of green jobs in the commune of Gogounou, north Benin.




In the course of the meeting, will also intervene Grégoire Ahongbonon, who has created about 20 psychiatric patient reception centers in West Africa. Peopple suffering from psychiatric troubles are very often abused in villages and neighbourhoods. The association led by Grégoire receives them, establishes a diagnosis of their condition, treats them and facilitates their return to their environment.