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Swate organizes women's event in Karur on March 8, 2018

for a human economy : march of the Society of women in Action for Total Empowerment


On the occasion of the 28th International Women's Rights Day, Swate (Society of women in Action for Total Empowerment), a women's organization member of RIEH, Tamil Nadu, India, organized a march in the town of Karur, the main settlement of its location area. This event brought together women from all castes, many of whom do not have the right to speak in traditional society.


Christina Sami, president of Swate and a very active member of the RIEH for many years, delivered a speech. The focus has been particularly on the fight against violence against women, against alcoholism, against land grabbing and the exploitation of river sand, for the employment of young people and for guaranteed remuneration for farmers.


The statement stresses that «The fundamentally responsible factor for such an alarming status is pervading corruption among the critical governance structures as well as institutions, judiciary and executive which devalue human dignity. The only possible solution is upholding the alternate political narrative which is people-centred and ecologically-tuned”.