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A message of hope coming from the hell of Venezuela


A message of hope coming from the hell of Venezuela


Francisco is a farmer and an academic. He is the director of the Centre for sustainable human development at Valle del Momboy University in Venezuela. He is a member of the RIEH and has sent to us the following text.



The crisis forces us to surpass ourselves by Francisco González Cruz


The crisis forces us to drastically change the way we live. On the one hand it imposes on us tasks for simple survival, habits that we never imagined to adopt.  We spend time and money and have some painful moments in previously unknown steps. On the other hand, we are in the process of adopting other ways of being, living together, feeling and thinking. Long hours without light give time to be with our neighbors, to talk, to meditate or to listen to the silence. And also to suffer together. Or in solitude.  We think of loved ones who are no longer. And of the previous times that were not as bad as we thought. 


But there are also changes that were necessary even without the boost of the crisis, for deeper demands. The demons that have changed Venezuela to Hell are not all exclusive to this tropical country. The world is experiencing such great and rapid changes for which nature and man are not prepared. While poverty reduction is progressing, inequality is increasing, climate is warming, forests are shrinking and water is becoming scarce. At the same time, cupidity, authoritarianism and the concentration of power are growing. First of all, we need to be aware of the potential of the crisis. Opportunities to transform ourselves and transform what surrounds us. New ways to be, to live together, to feel and to think are necessary. Here and everywhere. Will we be able to link the need for personal and local change with global change?


Certainly will arise people much better than they were before. There will be worse, no doubt. But here, in the terrible circumstances we live, we can be reborn different. Instead of leaving for another country, we can transform ours. To make working, modesty and solidarity the new dominant values. We can invent new ways to live in the places where we live, to live with the neighborhood, to take care of the environment, to see and feel the reality. Perhaps a way to improve and amplify the conversations that are born in these moments of forced sharing without light or transport, where we are more human and we feel less fragile. 


Transforming negative moods like fear and anguish is not an easy thing to do. But as they alter communication, solidarity and close the possibilities, we must find the way to transform them into positive soul states that open up the possibilities. Cultivate communities and networks, look for loved ones and friends, do things that we like and are useful. To make our territory a place of grace. The crisis forces us to change. Already we are different and "everything will be well".