Human economy

"For a human, integral, united and participative development in harmony with the living"


Toutes les actions (EN) Belgian friends want to know more about the Human Economy

Initiative in India to help the small farmers to get access to knowledge and financial assistance

Today AREDS started four farmers producers social enterprises company to make the farmers get away with the middle men interference and make their product organic and healthy for the community. This is an initiative to help the small farmers to get access to knowledge and financial assistance from NABRD, national bank for agricultural development and other financial institutions to form themselves as cooperatives.


This will help the farmers produces to have their produce get value added and make it available for the consumers. In the long run the consumers also will become a shareholder in this enterprise. Social enterprise is seen as an alternative trade and consumption with collective participation, respecting nature and ecology. Each company will have 500 members as shareholders and each of the members will engage in cultivating what the company intends to produce.


I am in the picture together with the AGM of NABARD giving training.


To sustain development, we need to provide alternatives which can be replicated.


In solidarity,

Samy Arokiasamy

Founder and Director of AREDS (Inde)