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MAHATMA GANDHI 150° anniversaire de sa naissance



October 2, 2019 marks the anniversary of the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as "Mahatma" (noble soul) Gandhi

More than one million students in 60 countries around the world are expected to join this event. More than 11.5 million students in more than 50,000 schools in Gujarat State have planted 15 million young trees since June 15 to pay tribute to him.

Given the current political climate in India and around the world, Gandhi's vision of non-violence is still relevant.

The UN General Assembly of 15 June 2007 declared October 2 the International Day of Non-Violence. 

Gandhi's wisdom of nonviolence remains an enlightened philosophy in a world where differences are growing and people have more reason to be indignant. 

During India's struggle for freedom, he showed the world that freedom can be peacefully achieved through non-violence. 

Gandhi has obtained rights for nearly 75,000 Indians living in South Africa. He did it without violence. Gandhi was deeply convinced that people could never win their rights otherwise.

He used a new form of protest " Satyagraha " - derived from the Sanskrit words "truth" and "force".